What to do on a cold, wintery night in Berlin?

It’s a cold, winter night in Berlin – do you just stay at home, warm and cozy, or do you brave the cold and venture out into the city?  We ventured out last night and what a great evening – from relaxing to underwater music in a warm, saltwater pool to eating Moroccan food in a cave-theme inspired restaurant to dancing it up in a Soju bar, we shivered along the way but still managed to discover a whole new side to Berlin!


The Liquidrom is located in Kreuzberg.  When the sounds and people of Berlin get a bit too much (although I never find that – even though it’s such a big city, I always find the city’s vibe to be the opposite of hectic), you can get away to this spa/sauna sanctuary.  It’s famous for its warm, salt-water pool lit with laser lights where you can float around to various kinds of music.  During most evenings, they have live DJs who spin either techno, minimal, or as we heard last night, minimalistic jazz.  The cool thing is as you dip your head underwater, the music follows and the floating sensation with the music and lights is quite harmonizing.  There are also two saunas, steam, Himalayan salt room and an outdoor hot tub. Don’t forget that in Germany, the sauna areas are designated as “no textile areas” – so get comfortable with your body (and with everybody else’s) and get naked.  We went there around 9pm and stayed till about 11pm – 2 hours costs around 20 Euros per person.  Day passes cost around 30 Euros per person but the place is open from about 10am – 1am.  (Liquidrom, Möckernstraße 10, 10963 (S-Bahn Anhalter Bahnhof, U-Bahn Mockernbrucke)

After relaxing at the Sauna, we hit the livelier part of Kreuzberg at Gorlitzer Bahnof.  We tried to find a place that was still serving food at that late hour.  Our luck came through when we found Baraka, a lovely Moroccan/Egyptian restaurant near Lausitzer Platz.  After a delicious and very affordable meal (although they don’t serve alcohol), we bundled up again and walked over to Soju Bar.


Soju Bar reminded me of La Esquina in New York, where you had to go through a “fake store front” to the actual bar. The way in is though the fast food looking joint called Angry Chicken.  Down the stairs and you are in a cool, small bar made to look bigger with tactically placed mirrors and street signs to make you feel like you are in Tokyo/Seoul/Hong Kong. (SOJU Bar, Skalitzer Strasse 36, Berlin – 10999)


We called it a night around 3 a.m. and the best was taking the tram back home.  At around 3:15 am, the tram was just as packed as it was at 2:00 pm in the afternoon, full of young people but not idiots, no morons, no one puking in a corner – just people smiling, chatting and coming home after a good, cold wintery night out in Berlin.

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