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Intellectual Berlin – The Staatsbibliothek!

I finally got tired of trying to work in Cafes in Berlin.  I think people that actually think they get work done in Cafes are kidding themselves.  There are way too many distractions to get any real work done – or you might be productive but probably only at 50% of what your potential is.  Anyway, I digress.  I decided to check out the Staatsbibliothek in Berlin – the only library I’ve ever been to that requires a paid membership and has security guards checking your library card before you can enter!

**Just a note that this is the newer Staatsbibliothek on Potsdamer Strasse – not the one on Unten den Linden.


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Who said Berlin wasn’t Green??

I come from Canada, and to be specific, Vancouver.  The reason I mention this is that, in Vancouver (British Columbia), we are used to some spectacular natural beauty: the mountains, lakes, hiking trails, beaches, etc.  It takes quite a bit to impress me in terms of natural beauty, particularly in a city.  Today, Berlin impressed me.


Now I know the lake doesn’t look too impressive but its location makes it amazing…