The Philippines – the Next Hot Spot…or is it already?!

Although I am currently in Berlin, I’m a bit late with my video posts – I meant to put this video up with the Hong Kong video but time just didn’t allow for it!

So, the Philippines – what an amazing place to visit!  I don’t usually look forward to the next time I visit a country, but I definitely look forward to the next time I can explore more of the islands the Philippines has to offer. The video really shows how much fun we had there.  The people were super friendly, kind and helpful.  English is one of the national languages of the Philippines so everyone could speak or wanted to practice.  Most signs were in English which also made things much easier to find.

Details re Costs are Below:

How to Get There:

  • We used AirPhilippines Express for most of our internal flights – and they were quite reasonable.  Our flight to Cebu City from Hong Kong cost about $75.  One way from Cebu to Manilla cost about $30.  We also flew Jetstar out of Manilla to Tokyo.  Another airline, Cebu Pacific, also serves the domestic market in the Philippines.

Beer/Food Index:

  • Beer at a restaurant cost 50 pesos or $1.  At a convenience store, a beer was half that price.
  • Dinner usually cost 150 pesos or $3, including a beer.

Cebu City/Bantayan:

  • Our first hotel was called Premier Citisuites and cost about $40 a night for all four of us and included breakfast.  Taxis were incredibly affordable.  A 40 min cab ride from the airport to the city center cost about 300 pesos or $6.  If you are traveling solo it may make sense to take the bus, but since we were 4 people, we always traveled with taxi.
  • The ferry from Hagnaya to Bantayan cost about 170 pesos or $4 (plus 10 pesos for terminal fees on either side) and took about an hour.
  • Our hotel in Bantayan, the Coral Blue Oriental, cost about $100 a night for all four of us ($25 each), including a delicious breakfast served to us on our patio every morning.  This was the most expensive hotel that we could find.
  • Our hotel in Cebu City on the way back was slightly more expensive.  It was called Goldberry hotel and it was near the airport.   The cost was about $80 per night for two people, including breakfast.
  • The day tour we took to Bohol cost about 3000 pesos or $75, including all ferry travel, bus and lunch.  It was pretty expensive considering the other prices, but it was a nice tour for a rainy day.
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One thought on “The Philippines – the Next Hot Spot…or is it already?!

  1. KC Estrella says:

    Upon seeing and getting through your blog about our beautiful country, Philippines, I am very proud and happy that passionate travelers like you really enjoyed staying here. Your blog was really a great help for everyone who really wants to know the details in getting here, from the costings of the hotel/resort accommodations to the transfers. It was amazing!

    Hope you and your friends would visit us again here in the Philippines and we would love to be in service of you for your future travel plans here, from the Culture and Heritage to the beautiful sceneries and hidden treasures of nature that the Philippines could offer to people like you.

    PS. I also enjoyed watching the video! =D

    Thank you very much and looking forward for more interesting travel blogs from you. =)


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