Healing Powers of Mineral Water in Stuttgart

In Canada, we don’t necessarily think of a trip to the swimming pool as a healing, therapeutic experience.  We typically go to the spa for our wellness time.  In Stuttgart, however, a trip to the swimming pool means a trip to the natural mineral pools that source the healing powers of 19 mineral sources held in the soil.

We checked out one of the mineral pools called Bad Berg a couple of days ago – in mid-May.  “Bad Berg” is an old-style mineral complex – feels like you step back into the 50s with classic wooden planks surrounding a simple, but large, square natural mineral pool.  A fountain in the center of the pool continuously pumps fresh mineral water into the pool – so natural that you can swim to the fountain and drink straight out of it – a full healing experience, outside and in.  The temperature of the water is generally maintained at a cool 22 degrees.  The crowd is known to be from the older generation – and they keep it this way by keeping the entry prices high (admission is about 7 Euro), thus discouraging the younger generation from piercing the calm and peaceful ambiance.   This pic is from yesterday – not a bad way to spend a day in mid-May.  My friends in Vancouver would be jealous. 🙂

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