Stuttgart – Private Art Museum? Huh?

In a remote, industrial area in a suburb of Stuttgart called Sindelfingen, amidst factories and warehouses, we were supposed to be going to an art museum. I was skeptical. Apparently, for nearly three decades, Peter Schaufler and his wife, Christiane Schaufler-Münch, have been assembling one of the most impressive private art collections in Germany. And instead of hoarding it to themselves, they built a beautiful museum in order to share their collection with the public.

So who is this Peter Schaufler and how the heck did he manage to make so much money to accumulate a private art collection worthy of its own museum? He’s the head of Bitzer, one of the leading companies in the area of refrigeration and air conditioning technology. And he built his museum in one of the old Bitzer factories …but wow, did he ever do a great renovation!

The exhibit included the permanent collection as well as an exhibit from an artist called “Not Vital” – a Swiss artist who makes amazing pieces (sometimes very large) influenced by nature in materials like marbel, stainless steel, soap, etc. Here are the pieces that I really liked from Not Vital:

1111 Knives – literally 1111 knives sticking out of the wall.  I loved the different shadows that played on the wall depending on where the light hit.

A giant moon made of stainless steel.

Lotus – reminds me of the Andy Warhol floating silver balloons…but again, made of out of stainless steel.  How the heck did he do that?

My favourites from the permanent collection:

Lori Hersberger

Rupprecht Geiger

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