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The Philippines – the Next Hot Spot…or is it already?!

Although I am currently in Berlin, I’m a bit late with my video posts – I meant to put this video up with the Hong Kong video but time just didn’t allow for it!

So, the Philippines – what an amazing place to visit!  I don’t usually look forward to the next time I visit a country, but I definitely look forward to the next time I can explore more of the islands the Philippines has to offer. The video really shows how much fun we had there.  The people were super friendly, kind and helpful.  English is one of the national languages of the Philippines so everyone could speak or wanted to practice.  Most signs were in English which also made things much easier to find.

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I thought it was going to be a nightmare to get my residence visa after joining my husband in Germany.  I actually found quite the opposite.  If you follow the right steps and provide the correct documents – it can actually be quite easy.  This is just my experience and by sharing it, I hope I can help answer some questions that others may have. Continue reading

How to get a German Residence Visa for Your Spouse

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Healing Powers of Mineral Water in Stuttgart

In Canada, we don’t necessarily think of a trip to the swimming pool as a healing, therapeutic experience.  We typically go to the spa for our wellness time.  In Stuttgart, however, a trip to the swimming pool means a trip to the natural mineral pools that source the healing powers of 19 mineral sources held in the soil. Continue reading

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36 Hours in Hong Kong

I kind of expected a little too much from Hong Kong. I think I was expecting this world of high-rises and super advanced Gadgets everywhere…and just something very different. But surprisingly (or actually not very surprisingly) hong kong reminds me a lot of my hometown Vancouver. A mix of people, beautiful bays, lush mountains and glass condo buildings!


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Stuttgart – Private Art Museum? Huh?

In a remote, industrial area in a suburb of Stuttgart called Sindelfingen, amidst factories and warehouses, we were supposed to be going to an art museum. I was skeptical. Apparently, for nearly three decades, Peter Schaufler and his wife, Christiane Schaufler-Münch, have been assembling one of the most impressive private art collections in Germany. And instead of hoarding it to themselves, they built a beautiful museum in order to share their collection with the public.

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VANCOUVER – The Ultimate Insider Guide

Bought a ticket to visit Vancouver, BC?  I bet you’ve heard lots about the mountains, the ocean, the beaches, the natural beauty…  And I bet you’ve heard of the top sites to see – the Aquarium, Stanley Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Lynn Valley, etc. – the usual stuff… But what I really wonder is if you’ve heard about all those hidden local hot spots for fun, food and drink that only people who live in Vancouver (or who visit A LOT) know about?

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